1. robocog

    eHirobo have got back to me and new parts are on the way!
    Top service!

    • The replacement parts from eHirobo arrived today (new tail rotor drive) however the black cog was not good quality and has an eccentric wobble like it had been machined/ moulded off centre meaning the mesh was in danger of stripping teeth and binding at the same time…grrrr
      I managed to get the cogs off the spindles and made one good one out of the pair (got it to spin true and have the tail belt at a height in the boom that didn’t rub/bind) seems there are slight quality control issues with these parts but nothing that can’t be fettled to a better fit with patience. I also managed to make some spacer shims to get the main gear to fully mesh with the tail drive and got everything thread locked in place…I did manage a short hover in the kitchen and all seems good…looking forward to trying it outside! I do need to add some glue to the belt drive cog since it has been slid on and off a few times!

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