With the new firmware released by JYE for their excellent little DSO Shell scope (v110) they added a neat little feature – being able to download data from the unit

I asked on their forum if they were planning to make some software available so it would be used for graphing, and unfortunately they said they had no plans

I found an interesting site – http://www.rudiswiki.de/wiki9/JyeTechDSO150#Waveform_Visualization

and he kindly wrote and provided a Python program to download the data – all good, but it was written for different custom firmware and didn’t seem to work for me (Python was complaining and failing rather than running the code)

I decided I would take it on and get it working for the newer firmware that JYE had written even if it killed me- Having never played with Python before it was quite a learning curve, but eventually I got it to the point I have completely re-written the code and created a program that works better than expected

(Python is really quite nice to work in and there are so many good examples and freely available snippets of code explaining what it does and why out there it was a bit like lego!)

Once I had it running – it did mean that anyone else who wanted to run this would need to install Python (something I would encourage anyone who is remotely interested in programming to do!) but I think it would put some people off

Luckily there is a program PY2EXE that will convert the Python code into a Windows compatible executable

I tried this expecting nothing but headaches…but it does EXACTLY what it says it will do!

I have managed to create a Windows XP – 10 compatible application that works waaay better than I thought was possible

See http://www.robocog.co.uk/electronics/dso150/ for more details

To say I am chuffed is an understatement

Android version next…… stay tuned!