So the eve of the last day of 2017…

In summary – kit car is about to go back on the road after a 6 year (?) layup, hoping its going to back roadworthy (and more importantly reliable) by spring – looking forward to taking the lad out in it

Tinkered with a few electric bits n bobs, some a raging success… some less so – still got a pile of unfinished Arduino projects that need tidying and casing up (battery discharger/internal resistance checker/storage charger, duplex video receiver for radio control FPV…oh and the “useless box” still needs putting together )

Best buys of 2017 were a handheld oscilloscope (Original JYE Tech DSO-SHELL DSO150 15001K DIY Digital Oscilloscope Kit With Housing) – for £15 I couldn’t resist – in fact it is so good I recently bought another to play with (internal battery, charger, buck boost, and ttl to USB going in this one – and maybe bluetooth)

and a DANIU™ LCR-TC1 1.8inch Colorful Display Multifunctional TFT Backlight Transistor Tester for Diode Triode Capacitor Resistor Transistor LCR ESR NPN PNP MOSFET – for £20

It has already paid for itself in time and effort – if you tinker with electronics in any form, just get one!

I am amazed at how frequently I have used it since getting it, a real time saver and very useful for fault finding or just backing up hunches

Hoping this time next year I will be telling of how great and useful the ‘yet to be purchased’ – or maybe ‘home built’ 3D printer is…was forced to use  gutted Duplo Lego bricks to house the last couple of small projects..not neat or pro

Happy New Year 😀