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Sweet Pea II's specifications
Megasquirt EFI
Electrical stuff
Motorcycle carbs

May 2008 Zetec Install
MegaJolt Ignition
A gallery of pictures
My first attempt at building a sports car for 250

Sweetpea II

Sweetpea II is my Lotus 7 inspired kit car,
It was built by a very nice chap called John who decided that he would like to build another,
so sold on his pride and joy to make room for the new toy (Sweetpea III)

Since owning it for the past year I have made several modifications to it
Mainly because a Kit Car is an ever evolving thing and is never truly finished...
Hopefully some of the pages here may inspire or help anyone else in making some of these choices as to what to change next :-)
Recent changes-Ditching Megajolt for sparks and bike carbs and going Megasquirt DIY fuel injection for sparks and fuel

End of '07...In the quest for yet more power....Just got a NEW crated 1.8 Engine- Zetec Phaze2 Silvertop....and another 2 litre 132 PS...

More pics of the new motors >
Current status is...
  • Most of the parts have now been sourced
  • Sump away at mr TIG welder to be welded back up after having a good inch or so removed from the bottom
  • Big end bolts replaced with ARP heavy duty racing items

    May 08 - click here for pics of the Pinto to Zetec swap