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Found myself looking at motorbikes on eBay - and eventually won a shed of a bike (1976 Honda CJ360t)

As I didn't have a licence to ride a bike legally I decided it would be wise to get it done - just in case I did get the rusty nail of a bike going well enough to ride

I took my CBT relatively late in life (I'm knocking into my 40's) and had my first legal ride during the training on a chinese copy of a Honda CG125 and instantly got hooked

I have put these pages up as a record as I go along my journey, and hopefully some of this info will be of use to someone else

Straight after taking the CBT I knew instantly I wanted to get a Honda CG125 to get some road experience (and to ease up to being able to handle the raw power of the CJ360t!) but how to snag such a beast?

I cannot offer much in the way of advice on this, I got bitterly dissapointed by missing out, often by mere pence on eBay only to spend the rest of the week disshartened, and often would see the same bloody bike back on eBay because the fool that outbid me turned out to be a none payer, this happened a few times, and even establishing contact with the sellers direct and explaining they could have cash in hand and they would not need to keep re-listing over and over on ebay if they ended early for me...I started to wonder if I would just be better off taking a full licence and skipping the wobbling round on an L plated 125 stage completely (DAS)

Theres also Gumtree, where seemingly people go to advertise bikes they no longer have, don't want to sell or cannot be arsed to even reply to a genuine customer waving cash and asking for their address so I can hand it over and ride away
The Gumtree experience reminded me of when I was made redundant recently and you could fire off hundreds of CV's and covering letters to adverts for jobs and hear nothing, not even a "thanks for applying".... nothing, may as well have not bothered

EVENTUALLY one very nice chap in Southampton (40 mins away at 125 speeds) advertising a CG125 on eBay with several days to go and agreed to let me look at his bike, it was a Brazillian BRK model, so is relatively "old tech" as it still has points and only a kickstart and is PERFECT for what I wanted, he was my saviour that day as he agreed to part with his once pride and joy for the ammount agreed prior to me setting off!
Bit naughty dealing off eBay like this and is not the done thing, but I really think I would still be wasting my time trying to find a bike to this very day if I hadn't waved the cash and insisted I ride away there and then
I duly rang the insurance company, got myself covered and got into the motorcycle gear which had been purchased weeks in advance and just waiting for this big day to arrive
It was a very hot and sunny day and I was pretty nervous as I had only had 2 hours road experience prior to this, and had an instructor sat behind me with an intercom between us back then giving clear reminders...I was now pretty much on my own...
It took seconds to settle in and loved the ride back and still couldn't stop grinning like a buffoon hours after I had got back....didn't leave the indicators on or get lost or anything
It only occurred to me hours after the ride back that I hadn't checked the oil, fuel level tyre pressures or anything, just rode with blind faith and adrenaline

That bike got me through the Mod1 and Mod2 tests with ease and made the transition to riding the CJ360t much less of a drama

The CG125 sold to a very nice chap in Somerset whom I picked up from the train station and he rode it home via A roads back to Taunton!
I was sad to see it go