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The server cabinet and its contents are going...

All to be replaced by Raspberry PI's

So far I have got the PI running this website (if you can see this - it means its working!)

Such a small sentence, but the reality is enourmous....

From a dual CPU P233 in a massive cabinet - 32u at a guess...never counted them!

(yes really ....external dimensions - 60 cm x 60 cm and 1 meter and 93 cm tall)

to a credit card sized computer (3cm x 6cm x 10cm) that runs off a phone charger and is faster and cooler (physically and style!)

If the numbers mean nothing...

From this...

To This...

OK so why the massive cabinet in the first place?

Well it started when I wanted to run my own servers (for kicks and giggles) for storing files, printing and of course hosting my website and email without the need for anyone

just give me an IP address and a path to the world and I'll take it from there thanks see if it could work

More than a decade later I can say it does work...but it can now be done without without taking up so much space and have a gazillion fans running 24/7

The rack used to house more computers (gateway/firewall, email, file and web servers) but when I got the dual CPU P233 I managed to amalgamate all services bar gateway/firewall onto the single computer

Now the Raspberry PI is a quad cored 900Mhz Arm cpu it does blow the P233 system into a cocked hat performance wise as well as footprint and power consumption wise...truly amazing

The gateway/firewall computer (the beige Dell at the bottom) is a lowly pentium and and I'm starting to wonder if just using a std fast router is not going to work out better

(now I am only looking after a single forward rule) ane theres less complexity to my network

This would also mean I no longer need the KVM switch (not that it ever really got used as I always manage to do what I need by logging in remotely and rarely need to tun the monitor on at the top or use the rather neat slide out keyboard in the cabinet)

The cabinet also used to house a network switch, but as it was only 10/100 it was obsoleted as soon as we started to use the file servers to spit video at the TV's...and the DROBO-FS file server has taken over file storage needs and REQUIRES gigabit speed network otherwise it is a bit of a slug

The single big 10/100 switch is now replaced by a few smaller gigabit switches, giving a lot more flexibility with where stuff can go

I suspect the DROBO-FS will eventually live under the stairs along with the Raspberry PI that is serving up this website :D

The cabinet is going to be obsolete along with its contents - just a little more tinkering and its a BIG corner of the shack clear....

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